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Advice for Beginners

We all know that predicting the future is impossible.  Of course there are blogs and websites all over the internet the scream “the end is near” each and every year. They will show you charts and graphs that show that the economy is about to crash, or show you photos from space showing a meteor that is certain to strike the earth soon. Not only that, but FEMA is supposedly building camps and very soon your guns will be confiscated by the government. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

14741059664_14741059664_prepper_profile_lucas_cameronI agree that there are a lot of really big issues in our world with our society and economy that makes it a smart  thing to prep. Thing is, these “experts” have been wrong in the past and will continue to be wrong in the future. Yes, it will unravel at some point, but don’t fall into the trap of following stories telling you that it’s all going down the drain by such and such time. These people usually want to scare you into buying something from them. The important thing is to make the best of what you have when that day comes.

Want to know the best advice ever given to new preppers? Create a plan you can stick with and do NOT, under any circumstance, accumulate ANY new debt, even if you are using it to prep. The next thing to do is to make sure you have the basics in your stockpile. These things are food, water, personal protection, medical supplies, and water filtration. How much of things you stockpile should be determined by how much you can afford. Remember that prepping isn’t always about the stuff you have, but a big part is the prepper’s mentality. You want to be able to be aware of the world around you so that you do not fall victim to the news on your television or on prepper sites. Start considering the skill sets that you and your family have and how those skills can be used in an SHTF scenario.

The main reason I am wanting to help beginners is because I regularly come across people that are interested in starting to prep. They hear the doom and gloom on the television and start freaking out. Many will make rash decisions and run out and purchase things they will never need. We need to help them to prep smart and to do it in moderation because, I guarantee you, whether the SHTF event happens this week or five years from now, not a single one of us will be completely prepared.



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