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How To Choose The Right Food For Surviving Disaster?

The right choice of survival food is necessary in case there is an emergency or natural disaster. It should be able to be stored for long periods of time, not only before the disaster, but also should be able to sustain for a certain time period after a disaster has struck. People think of items like canned vegetables and items like powdered milk when it comes to survival food. However, there are more choices out there when it comes to packaged foods that will sustain you for a long time if you are stuck somewhere to wait out a disaster.

Water supplies

If you are making your own disaster sustenance plan, you need to think of the items that should be prioritized. For instance water is a top priority and you need to store up to three gallons of water for each person. This would amount to 11.3 liters of water for each person. Such amount is enough for one to wash, cook and drink for a time period of three days. If you are unsure about the supplies that might reach you within this time period, you need to accordingly calculate for a seven-day ration for each individual. If you have a family of five people, you need to store about 35 gallons of water.

Canned food choices

The next aspect to look up is the range of food. For instance, starches, fruits and vegetables are not the only items that you can get for your sustenance. If you are stuck in the house, it does not mean that you need to only consume boring items like potatoes and peas. There can be several vegetable varieties like pears, peaches and others like soups and meats. Things like corned beef, chowder, and beef stew, canned tuna are some items that make meals wholesome and can be stored for a long time as well. These items are not as nutritious as having fresh produce but they will keep your body nourished and taste buds satisfied till you are able to lead normal lives again.

Spices to stock up

Spices like pepper, salt and others which can add flavor to meals are a must; you should also stock up on flour and sugar. These are items that will ensure proper meals with normal tastes where you need not eat simply for the sake of eating, but have the usual tastes that you are accustomed to. Indeed, eating canned food items often makes family members feel down in the dumps. When you have the right condiments like spices, mustard, ketchup as well as cooking spray or oil, you will be able to prepare proper meals even with canned food items.

Cereals and milk

For children who are used to drinking milk, you might want to invest in powdered milk for them. When it comes to cereals, it would be wise to get ones that are vitamin fortified. Rice or dried beans could work too. Potato chips and pretzels can be snacks that will help keep spirits high during chaotic times. If you store dried beans and pastas, remember that these need a lot of water to prepare and hence, you might have to look at alternate means of food.

Nowadays, many military grade food suppliers have meal packs that are dehydrated and can be stored in advance. They require less water to prepare and form complete meal solutions.