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How To Help Your Community When Natural Disaster Strikes?

If a natural disaster strikes in your region or country, there are different ways you can help. This can be done by donating money or by transporting supplies. You could volunteer to physically help as well as donate blood. However, even if you mean well, you might simply get in the way of organized help and rescue operations. Hence, during emergency situations, you need to understand what are the helplines that are open and can be used. For instance, US has the National Guard and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that work in disaster-affected areas along with other charitable and nonprofit organizations.

If you wish to volunteer

When you wish to volunteer in a natural disaster situation, you need to coordinate with trained responders. That will help you understand where you can provide your assistance that would be well utilized. Transportation might be required for those who are injured or to help bring in necessary supplies. However, you should not take it upon yourself to decide what needs to be done, but coordinate with disaster management experts.

Donate money

The best way to provide help is to donate money. Any disaster management operation requires a lot of funds. Donating to the right agencies or organizations will ensure that your money is well utilized. Ensure that you donate to organizations that will use the funds for the direct assistance of victims. If you are unsure which organization to donate to, there are lists in verified business directories like the Better Business Bureau. Here the list of organizations will be your source of information as to where to donate to in different situations. Many schools, community centers, and religious institutions also work actively in different disaster situations. You can join such forums to help out in different disaster situations.