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New Preppers

tv-cable-renueva-preppers-geo_claima20120904_0119_14Are you new to the world of prepping? It is not an easy time to be a prepper, much less to just now be looking into prepping. If you have been prepping for a while, try to think back to when things first “clicked” for you. You saw an entire new reality and believed you needed to accomplish hundreds of things within the first month and stressed that there wouldn’t be enough time for you to get ready. Now think of someone coming into prepping now and deciding it is what they need to do. I can imagine that they are facing a lot of panic right now.

If you are just starting your journey into prepping, I know you are struggling right now. There are so many news stories screaming at you saying the end is near. If nothing else, the elections this year should scare you half to death! You may be one of those folks that start out thinking that a couple of cases of water and a few buckets worth of food would be enough. Then you start looking into prepper sites and read articles about the end of times being imminent, and then those articles linked to others about how the government is going to collapse by the end of the year. After a couple of days of non stop reading, you are thinking you should sell the house and start investing in more food, eater, ammo, silver, gold, and medical supplies. Because, hey, if it is all going to go down by the end of the year, you want to be ready, right?

Well, don’t get ahead of yourself. Yes, things can go downhill very fast, but you don’t want to make decisions on a whim that will cost you in the long run. Take a breath and relax. We will help you figure out what you need to do.




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