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Preparing for Disaster

A natural disaster can happen at any time. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods…they often take us by surprise. Just in the past decade, natural disasters have effected more than two hundred and fifty million people all over the world. Because of this, it is imperative that you understand what calamities your geographic area is prone to and know what exactly you need to do to prepare to deal with it if it happens.

desktop-wallpapers-desktoplaptop-theme-black-stunning-disaster-109919The best thing to do in case of an SHTF situation is to have a personal family plan. My friend that owns a carpet cleaning biz (click here) gave me the idea to come up with my own family’s plan. Where you live will determine the plan you need to have. For example, if you are living in the South, you will need to make a plan for potential hurricanes. You will need to have a safe place to find shelter where there are no outside doors or windows. Basements make great shelters for this very reason.

When it comes to natural disasters around the world, floods are responsible for almost half of the number of deaths. One way for you to keep your family from becoming victims to flooding is to pay attention to your local news and heed the warnings of evacuation when flooding is imminent.

When you begin making your family plan, you will need to keep a few things as a priority. First, if you have children in your family, you will need to know which parent is taking responsibility for getting each child in the family to a safe place. You will want the children to know the plan beforehand so they are prepared and know what to expect. Discuss your plans with close by family and neighbors to determine who may be able to help you in an emergency situation. It is possible that your child(ren) may need to stay in a different location if your home no longer safe.

Before you get in an emergency situation, it is important to determine what you will be comfortable leaving behind. Sure, there are things we would all love to save, but consider what is most important to your family in this case. You certainly will not be able to carry all that you want.

Figure out how you will help any elderly or disabled members of your family in an emergency.  There will be special considerations for them. Also, you will want to have any medications that are necessary available at all times in a box or bug out bag in the case of an emergency.

We can all expect to face at least one crisis situation in our lives. If we are prepared, though, we will fare much better than we would otherwise.



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