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Should You Only Travel at Night?

If you have been prepping for any time at all, you have probably heard that the only time you should move in an SHTF scenario is at night. I believe this is a bad idea to follow for many reasons. Yes, this may be a great idea for trained soldiers, but think about having your family, with your wife and young children, walking through the woods at night.

I am not saying you should never move at night. There is a lot of value in doing so if the situation demands it. Traveling alone, I would certainly see it as a viable option. In a group, though, I would only do it if absolutely necessary.

0fd7afc7a0a61e340aacbae87f7373afHere are seven reasons that I think traveling at night in a family or group is a bad idea:

Your group will likely get separated: Even those in the military have issues with staying together in the dark. Can you imagine moving only at night in territory that is unfriendly in order to avoid being detected? You try to give hand signals in the dark to help you avoid the enemy, but it’s too dark for people to notice it or they are too tired to really care. Twenty minutes later, you stop to do your headcount and realize that not everyone got the signal and you are missing people from your group.

You will get lost: Remember that the best ways to travel unseen is to stay off roads and paths. Now think about traveling with your family all geared up, in the pitch black of night, and still finding your way.  Almost impossible to do even in the daytime.

Consider your weakest link: Maybe you have a lot of experience in the military. Maybe others in your group have survival skill sets that are wonderful for the SHTF event. Well, how about your seven year old that is having to keep up with the rest of the group in the dark? You may as well tie a rope around each person’s waist to keep them all together.

Consider potential hazards: We are making the assumption that you are walking through the brush instead of down a road in order to stay hidden. There will be a lot of potential hazards along your trek, such as large rocks, holes in the ground, and tree roots, that you simply will not be able to see as you walk in the dark. All it takes is one person falling victim to one of the hazards, and now the situation is worse because you have to transport that person the rest of the way.

Noise and light: Have you ever noticed how sound seems to travel much further at night? Light also. Keep that in mind when you are traveling at night with a child that may start crying, or someone that lights a cigarette every thirty minutes.

Night travel is slower: To keep everyone together, you will be moving at a snail’s pace.

Missed opportunities to forage: When it’s pitch black out, you won’t see the wild edibles.

I will reiterate that there is value at only moving around in the dark of night, but you should only do so if necessary. You will be risking a lot of issues otherwise.






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